Efficient Courier & Logistics Services is always looking for good business partners who share our forward thinking and solid business principles. We are interested in organizations that are willing to share the risks and rewards with us by investing the time and effort necessary to meet the highly demanding challenges of the business economy. We encourage partnerships with affiliates possessing similar objectives as Efficient Courier & Logistics Services; allowing our strengths, strategies, and vision to forge a powerful winning combination.

As a partner, you will have immediate privileges of these features within our Courier Logistics As-Service model:

Integrated Online Courier and Delivery Workflow management Dispatch Services and Fleet Management Services Centralized Customer Information Management  

§  Customer Order Entry

§  Contract Creation on Orders and Notifications

§  Time Stamped Order Dispatch for Delivery

§  Real-Time Tracking of Order

§  Time Stamped Delivery of Order with Notifications

§  PODs (Proof Of Delivery Signature) Capture on Order Delivery

§  Driver Clock-in and Clock-out for Hour Tracking

§  Delivery Route Management

§  Driver Tracking and Monitoring via GPS


§  Customer Profile and Order Management

§  Customer Contracts and Invoicing

§  Billing methods and payment history



Efficient Courier Partnership Criteria Efficient Courier Document Requirements

§ Must be at least 23 years of age

§ Must have a minimum of one year of recent, verifiable commercial driving experience

§ 3 Years with no major incidents on MVR

§ Responsible for your business expenses such as vehicle payments, insurance, vehicle maintenance and fuel

§ FEIN # or copy of DBA

§ Recent federal inspection on truck

§ Registration, lease agreement, or cab card

§ Copy of stamped 2290