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    Our brilliant team of delivery professionals provide local courier services you can trust.
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        We also handle courier logistics for package deliveries to other states within the continental U.S.A.
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        You can count on us to make those quick deliveries with real-time notifications and tracking. 

 Select any of our service offerings from the "OUR SERVICES" menu to find the right courier and logistics solutions for your personal and business needs.

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        Delivery is our business, and we believe in providing our customers with every feasible option.
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        Schedule deliveries anytime and we guarantee timely pickup, real-time tracking and electronic proof of delivery.
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        You have packages for future delivery but can't store it. No problem, we'll take care of it.
  • Medical Specimen Deliveries
  • Moving Services
  • Customized Logistics

Efficient Courier & Logistics Services understands the critical importance surrounding medical specimen deliveries. Our knowledgeable medical drivers practice proper specimen handling procedures, such as temperature control, record keeping, and universal precautions. We are committed to the highest quality of service with strict adherence to all regulatory requirements. Our drivers utilize medical transport bags, which meet OSHA and US DOT 49CFR 173.6 criteria for shipping diagnostic specimens and biological products by ground courier transport.

Efficient Courier & Logistics Services drivers know the importance of maintaining various specimen temperatures and carry dry ice seven days a week, 365 days a year for frozen specimen transport. We ensure that HIPAA secure chain-of-custody procedures are followed and patient confidentiality is protected. Keeping public safety as a top priority, all medical courier drivers carry biohazard spill kits. With our extensive experience, we can ensure that each medical specimen is handled with the highest standards, delivered on time, and with a sense of urgency. 

Residential Moving Services --- Whether you’re moving down the street, across the country, or to a new home or apartment building, we’re here to help with managing your relocation stress. Sound impossible? We have your best interest with each and every aspect of your move, from packing to your moving checklist. Assisting you during the time of your move is our top priority. We have all the information you need to make your move run smoothly, whether down the street or across the country.

Business Moving Services --- Our business moving services range from internal office moves to the relocation of hundreds of employees and office furniture across town. Moving an entire business can be tricky business, and we’re here to help with your business move. We also offer business moving services that include the delivery of specialty items or the rearrangement of furniture.


Clear Communication, Bottom Line, No Carrier is Perfect - Efficient Courier & Logistics Services will make you aware if there will be any challenges in handling your shipment properly.
One Contact and One Decision Maker - You won't be sent to the claims department or the billing department. One contact for everything regarding your transportation needs
Accurate Billing on each and every delivery. No Surprises - What you were quoted is what you will pay.
Quick Claim Settlement - Claims are settled within 3 weeks, no six month claim "policy" for a settlement.  Policies are only good for the people who wrote them.
Honest Feedback - If we can provide better service for you and your customers than you are currently getting, you will be made aware of how we can do that.  If we can't do better than what you currently have, we will tell you to stay with your current carrier.
Direct Delivery on LTL Shipments - No set offs which all but eliminates damages and claim.  Our company has consolidation centers for LTL and pad wrap shipments.
Supply Chain and Carrier Analysis that Focuses on Bottom Line Results - Efficient Courier & Logistics Services design customized programs for companies where packaging material could be used multiple times resulting in major savings per year over recurring shipments.
Installation Services Across the Country - Fifty state coverage for installation of school furniture, fitness equipment, gaming equipment, and any type of product that needs assembly.
Bottom Line Mentality - Customer's needs and challenges first, our company needs second. If we can't save you money or time, we don't deserve your business.  There has to be an economic gain by switching to Efficient Courier & Logistics Services and you will know that upfront.


Encompassing mobile delivery services which includes:  Real-time tracking from any model smart device; Real-time dispatch work order assignments for optimized route management; Delivery completion notifications immediately signatures are captured; Parcel barcode management; Customer data access and management.
Allows scheduling of orders and pickups; Customer real-time tracking and package tracing;  Customer order history and personal address book maintenance for easier future order creation; Customer printing of shipping labels, waybills and bills of lading.
At a glance view of active fleet drivers and current locations; Direct dispatch messaging to drivers en-route; Real-time view of parcel tracking and reassignment  of packages; Employee record management at the finger tips to ensure commissioned courier partners have the right Service Level Agreements (SLA) guiding their service delivery in the partnership with Efficient Courier & Logistics Services company. 
Efficient Courier & Logistics Services is committed to providing professional, prompt, and reliable delivery services in metro Atlanta and its surrounding areas. Our customer oriented team strives to consistently provide flexible solutions to accommodate the needs of both small and large businesses alike.