For your same day shipping needs, Efficient Courier & Logistics Services provides an on-demand quick delivery service for a variety of situations and locations - personal or business. Whether it is a letter, lab specimen, or something large enough to fit into a freight truck, Efficient Courier & Logistics Services' dynamic fleet can make a variety of deliveries anywhere within 2 to 4 hours of getting a call.

Efficient Courier & Logistics Services is positioned to handle scheduled same day delivery services as part of our comprehensive service plans. Our expert shipping agents and trained dispatchers, are very well equipped to help you reach your shipping goals. We provide our customers with the flexible and reliable service that allows businesses to meet their most pressing deadlines.

To access our quick delivery service, call to set up a pick-up. If you are an existing customer, use the online system and get us moving.

Click on "Quick Quote" to start your online quote or "Ship Item" to start your shipment today.